Sunday, 19 June 2016

Alphabet Cards

IMG_7876Having a daughter prompted Liam and I into creative collaborations that somehow it had never occurred to us to do before. The latest was Liam's idea - to create alphabet cards for Feets' long journey into literacy.

For this one, Liam was far ahead of me and as he finished and I was steeped in early pregnancy lethargy, and then Feets started IMG_7877 spotting the first letter of her name, I had to find a quick and effective way to complete my half of the bargain.

I worked with oil pastels and watercolours which were roughly as effective as I'd hoped (bold, simple), though the oil does have the tendency to come off on the other cards ...

Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Magic of the Natural History Museum

Birds CoouredOne of the things that gets me most excited at the Natural History Museum is the incredible decoration across every space of the building itself. So I took a brief moment of freedom while Feets was with Liam, to draw the birds from one of the arches ...